Wayne resa organizational planning

PDF Document2012-13 Wayne RESA Organizational Planning Report


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shared services and Annual Report

PDF Document 2015-16 Shared Services and Annual Report

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Technology Plan

 PDF Document2012-2015 Technology Plan

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PDF DocumentFinancial Statements - June 30, 2014   - Annual financial statements and audit reports


Statistical Reports


2015 Tax Rate Request Form

2015 Tax Rate Request Form City of Inkster Public Schools

2014 Tax Rate Request Form

2014 Tax Rate Request Form City of Inkster Public Schools

Wayne RESA Report Card

under MCL 388•1681(7)(d)

Number and percentage of teachers trained to integrate technology into the classroom.

  Cumulative Number of Teachers Percentage
 2013-2014 7,383 57%
 2012-2013 7,383 57%
 2011-2012 8,023 60%


Total Funds received from levying special education millage and number of special education pupils served.

Wayne RESA levies 3.3678 mills for special education programs for the most severely disabled students in programs operated by local school districts within the county.

  Special Education Millage Revenue Number of Students Served
 2014-2015 $128,596,882.81 6,187
 2013-2014 $130,439,571.48 6,359
 2012-2013 $122,838,092.71 6,519


The number and percentage of individualized education programs developed for special education pupils that contain academic goals.

 Wayne RESA does not directly operate special education programs. All programming for special education students are coordinated with local school districts. Therefore, this data does not exist.