Web Page Creator

This site was created as a useful tool for the teachers that want to venture in creating their own Classroom Page. The resources provided are on different levels, allowing the teachers to choose if they want to write their own page using Java language, or use something that is already made, but needs small additions.

  • Blue Voda - Create your own site from templates to fonts to everything else.
  • Box.net - Free storage for 2G files - the freee version is the personal account.
  • Dafont.com - Free font styles to customize your text.
  • Drop Box - Free storage version 2G
  • Freedigitalphotos.net
  • Free Foto - An agreement needs to be signed electronically about citing the site for the pictures.
  • Google Sites
  • iStock Photo - free photos
  • Jquery.com - This site allows you to create a site with multiple abilities --- this site is for people that know how to write the language for the site and are able to modify it to their own needs.
  • Microsoft.com
  • MooTools - A site that allows you to download a JavaScript framework that allows you to create your own site.
  • Namu6.com - This is  a program that allows you to write and publish the site, the program needs to be downloaded.
  • Personal Web Kit - Shows step by step how to create your site.
  • Photo Rack - free photos
  • Prototype Javascript Framework - This site allows you to write and create your own site using Java language.
  • Script.aculo.us - Make your pages fancy. This is for people that have some knowledge in creating web site.
  • Serif Web Plus
  • Technology Resources
  • Weebly - Create your own free site.  
  • ZumoDrive - Access your computers or other electronics with Zumo Drive. Its free if data used under 2G.