CLASS A System (Curriculum, Learning and Assessment for Student and School Achievement), powered by Datawise, INC., is a cutting-edge technology tool that features two powerful capabilities for Wayne County Educators.  The system will assist educators to develop pupil assessments aligned with state and national curriculum standards.  The system also provides sophisticated performance analysis tools for educators to examine student learning and improve instructional practice.  As called for in Strand Five of the Michigan School Improvement Framework, CLASS A is designed for one primary purpose - to actively organize and connect data to increase student achievement.

Test Delivery

  • Create Test Items
  • Create Classroom and District Tests
  • Access Web-Based Resources
  • Access Test Item Banks
  • Administer Paper and Online Tests
  • Score Tests

Performance Analysis

  • Student Test History
  • Analyze Classroom Assessments
  • Analyze State Assessments
  • Robust Real Time Disaggregation
  • Dynamic Graphing Capability
  • MEAP Results Back to Fall 2005
  • Other Standardized Tests Results


Illuminate DnA




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