English Language Arts is an integrated approach to language instruction, which plays a critical role in learning and communicating. This website is designed to support language instruction with an emphasis reading, writing, media study, literacy standards, literacy assesment, and equity literacy. 

Professional Learning Series 2015-16 

Free Literacy Webinar Series 

 Revision - the Heart of Writing 
presented by
Oakland Schools, Wayne RESA & the Oakland Writing Project 
all sessions are FREE
7-8 pm EST interactive webinar
8-9 pm EST optional follow up discussion
SCECH credit for attending first hour
attend a minimum of 3 webinars to earn credit   

Dr. Jennifer Fletcher
Revising Rhetorically: Re-seeing Writing through the Lens of Audience, Purpose, and Context

Thursday, October 22, 2015    7-9pm EST 

Georgia Heard
The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques that Work
Tuesday, November 17, 2015    7-9pm EST 

Marc Aronson
Revision: Dowsing for Depth

Thursday, December 8, 2015  7-9pmEST 

Penny Kittle
How Writing Notebooks Lead to Revision
Thursday, March 3, 2016    7-9pm EST 

Writing with the Experts: Stepping up to the Michigan ELA Standards  

In this yearlong study with the writing experts, teachers will develop the capacity to guide their students in the process and art of effective writing. To find out more click here .

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Close and Critical Reading

This series will concentrate on four close and critical questions: What does it say? How does it say it? What does it mean? And, so what? 

Register for grades 3-6 or grades 7-12

Debra Reeves
Consultant, ELA
(734) 334-1420
Dr. Rosalyn Shahid
Consultant, ELA
(734) 334-1355
Colleen Whalen
Consultant, ELA
(734) 334-1485

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