Community Involvement

The Wayne County Mathematics and Science Center at Wayne RESA works with individuals and groups from the community to support our work. These include business, industry, cultural institutions and universities. These partnerships promote improved math and science education.


A 21st century STEM education is relevant, desirable and attainable for all of Michigan's children. The Michigan STEM partnership:

  • Builds regional STEM capacity by developing formal relationships among stakeholders -- business, industry, nonprofits, PK-20 education, students, parents, local and state community organizations and government
  • Supports STEM education programs and initiatives that utilize interdisciplinary teaching and learning methods to address real-world issues
  • Promotes and supports sustainable innovation across Michigan
  • Leverages the network of STEM partners in Michigan and the nation to nurture and support STEM professionals, including techers, in their work to develop and sustain a STEM workforce that will support new and existing jobs in Michigan's communities
  • Works with all Michigan regions to create innovative STEM education platforms that reflect the interests and needs of students, teachers and their local communities
  • Develops evidence-based models for innovative, scalable and sustainable STEM education policies, platforms and programs.
  • Is collaborative and transparent
  • Engages stakeholders in open and honest partnerships where partners collaborate across a broad spectrum of interests, expertise and capacities to contribute to STEM excellence in Michigan
  • Works with all Michigan regions to develop the tools needed to coordinate and assess existing local and state STEM assets
  • Coordinates with government, military, industry and other STEM entitities to develop and advocate for policies that support the work of the partnership.

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Kristi Hanby
Consultant, Math
(734) 334-1581
Tiffany Martell
(734) 334-1491
Linda Olinik
(734) 334-1543
David Sword
Consultant, Math
(734) 334-1370

Wayne RESA Mathematics & Science Center

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