The Wayne County Mathematics and Science Center at Wayne RESA supports and expands the science information network system through Wayne County. The Center, through the leadership of the Michigan Department of Education, has developed a systemic plan to implement curriculum, instructional and assessment needs. The Center takes the lead to increase leadership and participation in state and local initiatives and science professional organizations.  The director of the Wayne County Mathematics and Science Center at Wayne RESA is Libby Pizzo.  You can contact Libby at pizzol@resa.net.

Excel Document List of the Districts and Regions in the Michigan Science Matters Network.

Powerpoint Document PowerPoint Presentation for the Michigan Mathematics and Science Center Network on the topic of Super Key Leaders (May 18, 2011)

Wayne RESA Science PD 2014-2015 Calendar 



If you would like to receive email regarding science education in Wayne County send an e-mail to bydlowd@resa.net with your name and email address. You will then receive an email confirmation.

For more information contact:

Dave Bydlowski
Consultant, Science
(734) 334-1455  
Dr. Greg Johnson
Consultant, Science
(734) 334-1427