Archived Workshop Resources

January, 2012

zip icon All January 13th Workshop Files - Zip
Word DocumentBiome Adventure Travel
PDF DocumentCladograms and Genetics
Word DocumentDisappearing Marshlands
Word DocumentEcological Succession
Word DocumentEcology Kaibab Deer
Word DocumentEvolution and Ecology
Word DocumentGumlapogoes
Word DocumentGumlapogoes Disasters
Word DocumentGummy Bear Lab with descriptions
Word DocumentInterpreting Graphics
Word DocumentKaibab Deer and Wolves (Lab Graphing Lesson)
Word DocumentUsing and Formulating Dichotomous Keys
Word DocumentWater Pollution in the Great Lakes
Word DocumentWhat Does It Mean to be in THAT Taxon Grouping?

December, 2011

PDF DocumentAmino Acid Codons
PDF DocumentAttack of the MENDaliens
PDF DocumentBikini Bottom Genetics Dihybrid Crosses
PDF DocumentBikini Bottom Genetics Incomplete Dominance
PDF DocumentBikini Bottom Genetics SIMPLE
PDF DocumentBikini Bottom Genetics SIMPLE 2
PDF DocumentCodominance and Incomplete Dominance Genetics Problems
Word DocumentDNA Activity
PDF DocumentDNA Replication Template
PDF DocumentDNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis
Word DocumentDNA Timeline
Word DocumentGet the Big Picture
PDF DocumentGummy Bear Genetics
PDF DocumentHave Your DNA and Eat It Too
PDF DocumentIndian Corn Genetics
Word DocumentIntroduction to Simple Genetics Practice problems Worksheet
PDF DocumentLab 42 Paper Pet Genetics 2008
PDF DocumentmRNA-A
PDF DocumentmRNA-C
PDF DocumentmRNA-G
PDF DocumentmRNA-U
PDF DocumentMendelian Genetics Coin Toss Lab
Word DocumentMonohybrid Crosses and the Punnett Square
Word DocumentMultiple Alleles and Multiple Genetics Practice Problems
PDF DocumentMultiple Alleles Genetics Problems
PDF DocumentReading DNA
Word DocumentRNA Activity
Powerpoint DocumentThe Central Dogma
Powerpoint DocumentTranscription and Translation
PDF DocumenttRNA
PDF DocumentX-Linked Practice Problems

November, 2011

Powerpoint DocumentDescrepent Event 
PDF DocumentHelping All Students Succeed 
Word DocumentFood Coloring Electrophoresis-Student Copy 
Word DocumentFood Coloring Electrophoresis-Teacher Copy 
PDF DocumentHigh School Biology Expectations
Word DocumentInquiry CE for Biology for All Workshop 
Word DocumentKaryotype Activity 
Word DocumentKaryotype Activity 1 
Word DocumentSummer Institute Flyer Final 
Video Document Assessment Photo Story 1 Jean
Word DocumentBSCS Chapter 5 Mitosis Lab
Video Document Mitosis
PDF DocumentMitosis Lab 
Video Document Photo Story Essential Oil Lab, Student Version 
Video Document Photo Story Essential Oil Lab, Teacher Version
Word DocumentSimulated DNA Electrophoresis Student
Word DocumentSimulated DNA Electrophoresis Teacher

May 2011 Workshop

External Link AAAS Project 2061 Science Assessment Website
PDF DocumentA Story: Is Sammy Alive?
PDF DocumentBiology 9 PSN Lab - Photosynthesis
Word DocumentBiology Virtual Labs and Teacher Support
Word DocumentCell Brochure Project
Powerpoint DocumentCell Energy Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
PDF DocumentCell Project-Travel Brochure and a Song
Word DocumentCell Trading Cards
Powerpoint DocumentCells Organelles, Transport, and Mitosis
Powerpoint DocumentCells, et al
Powerpoint DocumentCellular Energy StAIR
Word DocumentCellular Respiration (The Big Picture)
PDF DocumentCharacteristics of Life - The Four Creatures Activity
PDF DocumentDesign a Lab - Components of a Controlled Experiment
PDF DocumentDesign a Lab - Investigating Photosynthesis
PDF DocumentE-Bio Worksheet - The Characteristics of Life: Living versus Nonliving
PDF DocumentEnzyme Lab
PDF DocumentGlue Monsters - Are They Alive?
PDF DocumentIdentifying Macromolecules
PDF DocumentLayered Biology Curriculum Cell Unit
PDF DocumentPaper Chromatography Lab
Word DocumentPhotosynthesis The Big Picture
Word DocumentTable of Cell Organelles
PDF DocumentTesting Food for Organic Compounds
PDF DocumentTesting for the Presence of Nutrients
PDF DocumentTranspiration Rate and Stomata
PDF DocumentUnit Pack: The Cell
PDF DocumentWhat is the Ideal Cell Size? Lab

Project Based Learning Activities

Word DocumentCollaboration Rubric
Word DocumentConceived or Constructed a PBL Unit Correlations to Michigan HSCEs
Word DocumentDiscussion Rubric
Word DocumentGenetics Project Planning Form
Word DocumentGroup Observation Checklist
Word DocumentPowerpoint Peer Evaluation
Word DocumentPowerpoint Rubric
Word DocumentPresentation Rubric
Word DocumentWebsite Rubric

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