Steve Dickie, physics teacher ar Divine Child High School in Dearborn, MI has developed a five week module on how physics concepts can be used to investigate the natural world. Over the course of the module some content will be taught for the first time and other content will build on material learned earlier in the school year. This older content will be applied in new ways to advance students’ understanding of climate science. Please click HERE to download the module and Unit 1.  Unit 1 is entitled, "Objects are the Color They Reflect."  An outline of Unit 2 and 3 is available, within the module.

Steve is also working on a resource to teach spectrum concepts and accompany a kit of materials available to ICCARS participants.  Currently this is a work in progress but is available as an iBook and a pdf. Please click HERE to download a draft copy of the book. The complete work will be uploaded as soon as it is finished.