Blank Template This is a blank 5 E lesson plan template in Microsoft Word.

5 E Learning Cycle Model Explanation This PDF explains each component of the 5 E model.

Science Learning Experiences using the 5-E Learning Cycle This pdf document describes the philosophical shift in practice when using the 5 E model.

Brief example of a 5 E Lesson This website provides some possible examples of each part of the 5 E process.

Description and Classroom video of a 5 E Lesson This resource is teacher developed. It captures a 5 E lesson that was used in an elementary science classroom. It includes video footage of each part of the 5 E process and has notes supplied by the teacher.

The resources below have not been aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. However, they may provide contentthat is useful when developing lesson plans that are aligned.

Chemistry For All This website contains high school chemistry lessons, assessments, videos, etc.

Biology For All This website contains high school biology lessons.