Are you interested in hosting this professional development in your school building or district? If so, please contact Dr. Greg Johnson, johnsog@resa.net, to arrange a date and registration process.  

Michigan school districts are now eligible for grant funds to pay for middle school and high school STEM professional development through the State School Aid Act Section 99s(5).

The Michigan Department of Education has approved the Engineering Everywhere professional development that targets students in grades 6 - 8.

Engineering Everywhere is a FREE engineering curriculum for middle school-aged youth that builds on the research-based Engineering is Elementary program. Engineering Everywhere empowers youth to tackle real-world engineering problems using the engineering design process, creativity, and collaboration.

Information about Engineering Everywhere can be found at http://eie.org/engineering-everywhere

For registration information please contact Dr. Greg Johnson 734-334-1427 or by email at johnsog@resa.net.

We are inviting all Local Education Agencies and Public School Academies that wish to apply to review the approved professional development list and submit an application in MEGS+. An interested district must complete the following steps:

1) Access the Section 99s(5) Application, approved PD provider list, and other instructional documents from the MDE website 

2) After reviewing the approved PD provider list and instructional materials, complete the application, which is available as a Microsoft Excel document.

3) The application must be uploaded into MEGS+ at https://mdoe.state.mi.us/MEGSPlus/  

Engineering Resources

What is STEM Education? Please go to www.resa.net/stem  

What might STEM Education look like in my classroom? Please go to http://www.resa.net/stemshowcase   

How do I encorporate technology in my classroom? 

How do I integrate STEM and Project Based Learning? 

Wayne County Elementary Engineering Resources 

Wayne County Robotics Academy and Lego Summer Camps 

All the Engineering Adventures units can be found here http://eie.org/engineering-everywhere/curriculum-units.  

Here are the web sites to down load the teacher lesson plan manuals (educator guides) and student notebook materials (for the 2 focus units) for free:

  1. Don't Runoff: Engineering an Urban Landscape
  2. Here Comes the Sun: Engineering Insulated Homes

You may want to consider using some of the grant funds to purchase materials (kits). (check out http://www.eiestore.com/catalog/product/view/id/480/s/don-t-runoff-unit/category/8/ or http://www.eie.org/engineering-everywhere/curriculum-units/here-comes-sun ).

Only these two units offer the option to purchase the materials kits at this time. The materials are around $450 - $500 per unit. That would be about $950 for the 2 MS sets and an additional $50/educator guide. Again, you do not have to purchase the educator guides (the educator guides can be downloaded for free if necessary using the web links above). You can also download the student workbook using the web links above.

Each teacher really should have a copy of the educator guide and student workbook.

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Engineering Everywhere Engineering Design Process Poster  


Engineering Design in the NGSS Appendix 1

Engineering in the elementary and middle school www.eie.org

Engineering High School example with assessments Solar Cooker [pdf] [Microsoft Word] 

Engineering in the MI Science Standards presentation Power Point slides