Stem Education Minute Podcasts

If you have 2 - 3 minutes, listen in to the STEM Education Minute Podcasts.  They provide insight into issues regarding STEM Education.  They are hosted by David Bydlowski, Science Consultant at Wayne RESA.  When you click on the podcast title, you will be taken to , where you can click on the podcast to listen and also receive additional information about the podcast.

What has happened since Sputnik?

STEM Educator

Role of Corporations

Social Media Can Spur STEM

Dow Chemical and STEM

Michigan STEM Week

STEM Degrees Pay Better

Politicians Support STEM Education

Motivation and Gender Differences

College Students' STEM Preparation

Parent Perceptions

Michigan STEM Vital Signs

Science and Engineering Differ, Part 2

Science and Engineering Differ, Part 1

Definition of Technology, Engineering and the Application of Science

What is STEM?

Big Questions, Part 2

Big Questions, Part 1