Serving MI Excel Schools and School Improvement Grant Recipient Schools

MI Excel Schools

Wayne RESA is a partner in the Michigan Department of Education Statewide System of Support (SSoS). The SSoS provides service and support to Wayne County Title I schools that have not made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two consecutive years. Wayne RESA receives a Title I grant to monitor and assist targeted schools in the implementation of their School Improvement Plan, consistent with the Michigan School Improvement Framework. Other partners include Michigan Department of Education, Michigan State University and Calhoun Intermediate School District.

Service Coordination

Services and Support

Coaching Services

Professional Development

PDF DocumentWayne RESA School Achievement Services Mi Excel Schools Brochure

School Improvement Grant Recipient Schools (SIG Schools)

Title I Persistently Low Achieving Schools that have been awarded a School Improvement Grant may contract on a fee for service basis, with Wayne RESA School Achievement Services for support and resources to help them in achieving the goals set in their School Improvement Plan. Services and support from Wayne RESA School Achievement Services include instructional coaching, leadership coaching, professional development, and instructional resource support.

SIG Schools must access the services of a School Improvement Facilitator from Wayne RESA, consistent with the terms of their grant.

School Improvement Facilitation

Instructional Coaching (English Language Arts and Mathematics)

Instructional Leadership Coaching

Professional Development

PDF DocumentWayne RESA School Achievement Services School Improvement Grant Schools Brochure

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Stephanie Burrage
Chief School Reform Officer
(734) 334-1598  
Alyn Eastin
Consultant, School Achievement
(734) 334-1517  
Kathie Emerick
(734) 334-1607  
Marvin Franklin
Consultant, School Achievement
(734) 334-1529  
Markita Hall
Consultant, School Achievement
(734) 334-1588  
Adrienne Hill
Consultant, School Achievement
(734) 334-1516  
Coreen McCaul
Service Coordination Consultant
(734) 334-1474  
Eric Redwine
Consultant, School Achievement
Russell Robinson
Consultant, School Achievement
(734) 334-1515  
Sabrina Rudy
Consultant, School Achievement
(734) 334-1519  
Angela Thomas
Consultant, School Achievement
(734) 334-1407  
Heather Williams
Consultant, School Achievement
Tracey Wright