All schools and districts want their students to succeed. But schools and districts can only make a lasting difference when they focus on specific goals and strategies for change. Improvement planning is a continuous and intentional process through which schools and districts set goals for improvement, and make decisions about how and when these goals will be achieved. The ultimate objective of the improvement planning process is to improve student achievement levels by enhancing the way curriculum is delivered and by creating a positive environment for learning.

Wayne RESA has developed online improvement toolkits aligned with the Michigan Department of Education's School Improvement Framework and "One Common Voice, One Plan." Links (Building Improvement) in the left column under School Improvement provide resources to help you with your improvement planning process.

To assist schools and districts, Wayne RESA's School Improvement Team can help with:

  • Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment and developing a school or district data profile
  • Writing mission, vision and/or belief statements
  • Developing a school or district improvement plan
  • Researching evidence-based instructional strategies
  • Monitoring and evaluating plan implementation
  • Developing principal and teacher leadership
  • Enhancing classroom instruction (i.e. differentiation, culture/climate, PLCs)

We further support improvement planning by coordinating Wayne RESA accreditation, assessment, bilingual/ELL, business services, curriculum and instruction, instructional technology, special education and technology resources. RESA School Improvement Consultants keep current on school improvement issues relevant to local districts and provide guidance and support to schools and districts.


School Improvement