School Improvement

Wayne RESA is committed to providing technical support and guidance to districts and school teams in the development, implementation, and monitoring of their school improvement efforts. The continuous school improvement planning process provides a framework for analyzing problems, identifying underlying causes, and addressing instructional issues in district systems and in schools. 

Michigan School Improvement Framework

The State Board of Education approved both the School Improvement Framework 2.0 and the District Improvement Framework 2.0 on March 11, 2014. These updated frameworks are designed to help schools and districts move forward with continuous improvement, leading to increased student achievement.

Two new diagnostics were created to align with the updated frameworks. In addition to information about the frameworks, below you will find resources to support the completion of these diagnostics, the School Systems Review (SSR) and the District Systems Review (DSR).




School Improvement Building Framework (SIF) 2.0

School Improvement Building Framework 2.0

District Improvement Framework (DIF) 2.0

District Improvement Framework (DIF) 2.0

School Improvement Planning Resources