General Resources for Leading a School Building Improvement Process

Action Steps and Checklists 


Get Ready Resources

Collect Data Resources

School Data Profile/Analysis (login required)

Data needed for the School Data Profile/Analysis

Demographic Data

  • Enrollment
  • Attendance
  • Mobility
  • Graduation
  • Community
  • Retention
  • Extended Learning
  • Staff Credentials
  • Staff Attendance

Student Achievement Data
Perception Data (national and locally developed surveys)
Process Data

Complete the School Process Rubrics (SPR 90) and analyze/summarize the Process data. Each school in a district receiving Title I funds is assigned a school year in which they conduct the SPR (90). This is done once every five years. In intervening years, schools complete the School Process Rubrics (40) (SPR 40).

Both the SPR (90) and the School Process Rubrics (40) are completed online at AdvancED. The primary person responsible for school improvement and/or accreditation activities at each building is given an access code to enter this information. For help, contact MDE and NCA CASI Online Technical Support: 866.773.1128 or Update new building administrator information in the Education Entity Master (EEM).

If an AdvancED Michigan (NCA) school or district, you must complete a Self Assessment or ASSIST Self Assessment (in the year in which you are hosting an onsite visit-QAR). Complete the self assessment at AdvancED.

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