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PDF DocumentWayne RESA GSRP 15-16 Roster (Please update information via the GSRP Required Forms) (Updates posted Monthly)

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The White House announced “Bright Spots” for welcoming and expanding opportunities for linguistic integration and education at end of June. The announcement identified a list of resources including the introduction of the U.S. Department of Education’s Newcomer Toolkit designed to help schools support immigrants, refugees, and their families with a successful integration process. This toolkit provides information, resources and examples of effective practices that educators can use to support newcomers in our schools and communities. We are pleased to share this tool with you. You can access the full document here:

Dual Language Learner Toolkit
This toolkit provides resources that can be used to support young children who are learning their home languages and English. It is divided into three sections: administrators and managers; teachers, caregivers, and family services staff; and families.

ECS Webinars are now being offered.  The webinar recording is now posted along with the resources document. You will be able to access all webinars and associated resources at Select GSRP, Trainings/Webinars. Registration for future webinars will also be available on this page.

Please click on the link below for the schedule of webinars for the next year. The topics will be determined on a month by month basis.

ECS Webinar Schedule - 2016/17
Family Resource Calendar

Find FREE or low-cost resources including food assistance, shelter assistance, parent, health and wellness, addiction services and much more.

GSRP Orientation

PDF DocumentGSRP Orientation PowerPoint - 08/21/14
PDF DocumentGSRP Orientation Packet of Forms - 08/21/14 


New Program Resources

PDF DocumentWayne County and Detroit Head Start Programs 
 External Link   Head Start Locator   
PDF DocumentGSRP Income Eligibility Guidelines - 2016-17
PDF DocumentGSRP Documentation Checklist  
PDF DocumentGSRP Selection Criteria
PDF DocumentGSRP Participant Eligibility and Prioritization Flowchart
PDF DocumentDHS Explanation of the Licensing Process for Child Care Centers
PDF DocumentGSRP FAQ - August 2013 
PDF DocumentWayne RESA GSRP Corrective Action Compliance Plan Form  

GSRP Implementation Manual 


PDF DocumentGSRP & Head Start at a Glance
PDF DocumentLicensing Rules for Child Care Centers
PDF DocumentMandated Reporter
PDF DocumentParent Resource Guide
PDF DocumentPQA Documentation Notes for GSRP
PDF DocumentPQA Users Guide
PDF DocumentHelp Me Grow Parent Flyer

Early Childhood Booklets

PDF DocumentLiving Literacy
PDF DocumentMeaningful Math
PDF DocumentSimply Science
PDF DocumentSocial Studies Success

Head Start

PDF DocumentWayne County and Detroit Head Start Programs 
Federal Poverty Level Calculator 
Head Start Referral Release Form 2016-2017
Head Start Referral PP for 6.3.16  

Coordinated Recruitment Forms PDF Document


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Licensing Contact Information



For licensing situations that are not covered by available guidance, please contact: Colleen Nelson or (517) 373-8300

Great Start to Quality (GSQ) STARS

PDF Document3 Star Rating Guidance Memo
PDF DocumentEarly Childhood Letter
PDF DocumentGreat Start to Quality Launch Letter
PDF DocumentGreat Start to Quality Launch Update 05/24/13

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PDF DocumentFacebook for Educators Guide

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Consultant, Early Childhood Services

Helen Oliver-Brooks
Consultant, Early Childhood Services
(734) 334-1498
Geri Sifton
Consultant, Early Childhood Services
(734) 334-1481
Linda Thomas
Consultant, Early Childhood Services
(734) 334-1699

Consultant, Special Pgms. Admin. & Financial

Julia Stanley
Consultant, Special Pgms. Admin. & Financial
(734) 334-1542


Lena Montgomery
(734) 334-1438

Specialist, Early Childhood

Laura Franey
Specialist, Early Childhood
(734) 334-1479
Stacey Konarske
Specialist, Early Childhood
(734) 334-1304
Cynthia Pitts
Specialist, Early Childhood
(734) 334-1478
Pamela Spencer
Specialist, Early Childhood
(734) 334-1574
Cynthia Ulmer
Specialist, Early Childhood
(734) 334-1480