Finance Documentation

Wayne RESA recommends that you download these resources in PDF format for printing purposes.  We have also posted these files in Microsoft Word and Excel formats.

Calendar Year End - 1099 Procedures

Video DocumentBusiness Services Client Meeting November 2, 2016 Video
Powerpoint Document2016 Business Service Client Year End Meeting
PDF DocumentIRS 1099 Miscellaneous Instructions
Word DocumentSMART 1099 Users Guide
External LinkMichigan 1099 information including data on cities with 1099 requirements

Fiscal Year End

Video DocumentPayroll & Finance/FID Fiscal Year End Meetings
Powerpoint DocumentClient Meeting 05-11-17
Word DocumentFixed Asset Year End Procedures Checklist (2017)
Word DocumentHow to Print to PDF
Word DocumentPayroll Fiscal EOY Procedures 2016-2017
Word DocumentProcedure Check Off List for Fiscal Close (2017)
Word DocumentUsing Bullzip

FID 2015-2016

External LinkFID - Home Page on CEPI
Word Document2016 FID Checklist
Word DocumentFID Module
PDF DocumentFID User Guide
External LinkFID Login
External LinkMEIS Login Security Forms
PDF Document1022 Appendix


Fixed Assets

Word Document Fixed Asset Implementation Guidelines
Excel Document New Assets


PDF Document Electronic Signature Form
PDF DocumentGeneral Ledger Account Conversion Process
Word Document How to Download SMART
PDF Document Logi XML Guide
Word Document LOGI Report Documentation
Word Document What's New in Transaction Analysis
External LinkMichigan School Accounting Manual - Bulletin 1022
External LinkCutePDF

SMART Program

Word DocumentAccounts Payable Module
Word DocumentAR/Billing & Cash Receipts Module
PDF DocumentAttendance
Word DocumentBenefits 10-29-13
Word DocumentBudget Load Documentation
Word DocumentControl and Integrity Module
Word DocumentEmployee Analysis Documentation
Word DocumentEmployee GL Reclass
Word DocumentEmployee Information 02-14-17
Word DocumentFID Module
Word DocumentJournal Entry User
Word DocumentLedger Maintenance
Word DocumentORS Module 2/7/2014
Word DocumentPayroll Check Message
Word DocumentPayroll Encumbrance Module
Word DocumentPayroll Reports
Word DocumentPortal Security
Word DocumentReceiver and Invoice Tab in Purchase Order System
Word DocumentRequisition Shortcut
Word DocumentRequisition User Guide
Word DocumentRequisition/Purchase Order Approve Guide
Word DocumentReceiver Shortcuts
Word DocumentRequisition Coordinator
Word DocumentPurchase Order Encumbrance Module
Word DocumentSalary Schedule
Word DocumentSmart System Description Documentation
Word DocumentSMART 1099 User's Guide
Word DocumentTransaction Analysis- Budget and Responsibility Function
Word DocumentTransaction Analysis Documentation
PDF DocumentTransaction Analysis Documentation
Word DocumentTransaction Analysis Quick Notes
Word DocumentVendor Maintenance
Word DocumentWarehouse Module


SMART Security Procedures

Word Document SMART Security Guide
Word Document Security Administrator Form



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