Video Production Services include:
TV NEW small
  • Multicamera recordings in our 100-seat auditorium
  • "Green Screen" recording and post production
  • Remote 'On-Site' recording
  • Advanced Audio and Video Post Production
  • Transcoding your video to all formats
  • Live Streaming
  • Small studio recording


Video Conferencing services
Videoconferencing uses an Internet Protocol (IP) connection and popular software such as Adobe Connect, Lifesize Cloud, Teamviewer and others. Create two-way audio and video connections between different locations and bring people together without travel costs. Assistance with bridging for multiple connections and specialized equipment to meet your specific needs is readily available.

Tele NEW small

  •  Meetings
  • Training Sessions
  • Classroom activities
  • Electronic field trips
  • Interviews with out-of-town job candidates


Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services provide for your online, web-based training programs. SCECH-credit training packages and SCORM-reported training experiences for accreditation and credentials can be constructed from concept to completion, all completely in-house. 
Services include: 
Stripey NEW small
  • Scripting
  • Custom graphics and design of your site
  • Programming, video players, testing sequences, etc.
  • Transcoding to all current formats
  • Hosting (nominal fee) 

Resource Center Reception
 Pat Johnson                          (734) 334-1595
Scheduling and Support      Brenda Hose                          (734) 334-1437        
Video Production/Post        Jeffrey Gnagey             (734)-334-1561 
 William Heldmyer                    (734) 334-1436
Video Conferencing            Steven Michael                      (734) 334-1557
Multimedia and GIS
 Andy Henry                            (734) 334-1436