Districts and PSAs

Wayne County District MapWith a total population of approximately 1.8 million, Wayne County is the most populous county in the State of Michigan and the 18th most populous county in the nation. There are 33 school districts in 43 Wayne County communities serving approximately 226,000 students. Additionally, there are 108 Public School Academies (PSAs) serving 64,000 students for a combined total of approximately 290,000 students in public schools county-wide.
Wayne County is the most culturally and linguistically diverse community in the state of Michigan with the school age population representing nearly 40 different home languages other than English.

Local School District Information

Wayne County School Districts - Names, address and enrollment numbers for of Wayne County School districts and links to local district websites.

PDF DocumentQuick Reference Guide: Public School Academies and Special Education Support

PDF DocumentWayne County Schools Directory - View or print a copy of the Wayne County Schools Directory, a Wayne RESA publication including a complete listing of all Wayne County schools, public school academies, and non-public schools.

Wayne County Public School Academies - For more information about public school academies in Wayne County including a description of Wayne RESA's role in chartering and a complete list of Wayne County public school academies.

Wayne County Schools of Choice - View or print a copy of the Wayne County Schools of Choice table, which identifies which schools and corresponding grade levels qualify. The schools of choice provisions are designed to allow local school districts to enroll nonresident students and count them in membership without having to obtain approval from the district of residence.

       PDF DocumentWayne County Schools of Choice - 1st Semester