Michigan K-12 ELA Standards

The Michigan Standards for  English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (“the standards”) represent the next generation of K–12 standards designed to prepare all students for success in college, career, and life by the time they graduate from high school. This page is designed to support districts in implementing the Michigan K-12 Standards for ELA and more fully understanding the assessments that will be used to determine if the standards are being met.

ELA Reading Continuum

K-5 Literature Continuum
6-12 Literature Continuum

K-5 information Continuum
6-12 Information Continuum

Social Studies/ Science Continuum

ELA Writing Continuum
K-5 Writing Continuum
6-12 Writing Continuum

Complex Text

Below are the materials to help you assess text for its level of complexity.

Text Complexity Bookmark
Rubric - Qualitative Text Complexity - Informational Text
Rubric - Qualitative Text Complexity - Literary Text
Reader and Task Considerations

Writing Placemats

Opinion Writing K-5
Argument Writing 6-12
Information Writing K-5
Information Writing 6-12

Close and Critical Reading

Coded to the Common Core
Close and Critical Rubric


Reading Between the Lines: What the ACT Reveals about College Readiness
Opportunities for English Language Learners in the Common Core


Tools for Teachers & Professional Learning Modules - Includes the first four installments of a six-part series of modules in the "Tools for Teachers" series of open education resources for professional learning, as well as an additional module examining how school-level leadership can wield instructional leadership teams (ILTs) and looking at student work (LASW) to better implement the elevated expectations of Michigan Standards.

Michigan Common Core State Standards Resources and Guides - Provides brief introduction materials to the standards. Ideal for sharing the fundamentals of CCSS.  

The Mission Literacy website - Contains a vast amount of resources for implementing the common core.

Michigan K-12 State Standards Instructional Resources - Provides resources to support the three instructional shifts recommended for literacy in English Language Arts, social studies, science, and technical subjects.  

Michigan’s Action Plan for Literacy Excellence – Details the background, objectives and strategies for achieving Michigan’s “Top 10 in 10” goal.

Leadership for the Common Core – Reports NAESPs survey results from more than one thousand principals