Digital Resources

50 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling

Citation Maker
This online resource will help you correctly cite your work in a bibliography.

Google Translate
Use Google Translate to learn the pronunciation and spelling of words in a multitude of different languages.

Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)
You will need to sign on using either your library card or your driver's license. After signing on students can take practice ACT tests.

Michigan's Mission Possible
The resources and links on these pages are a collection of web tools and resources that have been either created or identified as useful in supporting adolescent literacy. They are websites that will identify student's literacy STRENGTHS, support literacy growth, and provide learning strategies that allow students to have greater access to content area knowledge.

Provides the reasons and resources for students’ podcasting projects.

Teacher Tube
An online community for sharing instructional teacher videos.

Teaching Students to Blog
Supports students’ acquisition of 21st century literacy skills by teaching them to communicate through online platforms.

Wayne RESA Library Resources and Services

Web English Teacher
A large array of ideas for teaching language arts.

A program for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide.