Science Curriculum

All aspects of K - 12 science programs must be aligned with the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Expectations should be implemented within and across grade levels to meet or exceed the standards and expectations. It is anticipated that the Michigan Department of Education will soon be adopting a new set of the standards, "The Michigan Science Standards," which will be based on the Next Generation Science Standards.

Do you need help in designing your science curriculum, to meet the upcoming changes in the Michigan Science Standards?  If so, you may want to use the new Curriculum Coherence Document, developed at Wayne RESA.  The purpose of the document is to help you save time as you navigate through the curriculum process.  To download the document, please CLICK HERE.

Wayne RESA is now making available complete grade level courses using Atlas Rubicon, a curriculum mangagement tool.  The courses are aligned to the present Michigan Science Grade Level Content Expectations.  They have been developed through consortia led by Oakland Schools and the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators.  Please CLICK HERE  to visit the Atlas Rubicon site.

Have you read the most current Michigan Science Matters Network eBlast? If not, please click HERE . If you would like the eBlast sent directly to you, please click HERE and complete each step on becoming a Point of Contact.  Or make it even easier on yourself - just follow the steps on the Michigan Science Matters Network BOOKMARK.  Please CLICK HERE  to download the bookmark.

The curriculum support pages provide useful information on:



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