Unit 12 - Thermodynamics

I Can Statements

   *  Assessment (Teacher Version)
   *  Assessment

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   *  Entropy is Simple (Frank Lambert)
   *  Lambert Permission (email) 
   *  Online Resources Unit 12 
   *  I Can Statements
   *  Thermochemistry Assessment Items (Teacher)
   *  Thermochemistry Assessment Items (Student)
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Classroom Video

   *  Thermochemistry

Molecular Entropy (C2.2e)

Breaking Chemical Bonds (C2.3a-b)

Hess's Law (C3.1a-b)

  • Calculate the ?H for a given reaction using Hess's Law.
  • Draw enthalpy diagrams for exothermic and endothermic reactions. 
       *  Hess's Law Labs #1-3 
                 Labs #1-3 
                 Labs #1-3 (Teacher Notes)
                 How to calibrate a calorimeter.
       * Hess's Law Lab Power Point

Enthalpy (C3.2)

Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions (C3.4B)

Enthalpy and Entropy (C3.4d-f)


   *  Endo/Exo Reactions Lab #1
   *  Endo/Exo Reactions Lab #2
   *  Endo/Exo Reaction Labs (Teacher Notes)
   *  Gibb's Free Energy Lab: Going Home to Sleep
   *  Hess's Law Lab Parts 1-3
   *  Hess's Law Lab Parts 1-3: Teacher's Version
   *  Temperature and its Effect on Reaction Rate Lab
   *  Quantity of Energy Change Lab

Chemical Demonstrations

   *  Heat vs. Temperature Demo
   *  Endothermic Demo: It's Getting Cold! 
   *  Endothermic demo #2
   *  Fire on Ice Demo
   *  Gibbs Free Energy Demo/Lab
   *  Hot Ice Demo: Sodium Acetate 
   *  Ice Cream Cooler Activity/Demo
   *  Screaming Gummi Bear Demo
   *  The Acid in Water Puzzle

Thermochemistry Video Demonstrations

   *  Combustion and Explosion of Acetylene Video Teacher's Notes
             Combustion of Acetylene
             Explosion of Acetylene|
             Hydrogen Bomb

Additional Resources

   *  Entropy is Simple- Frank Lambert
   *  Lambert Permission
   *  Endo vs Exothermic Powerpoint 
   *  Online Resources - Unit 12
   *  Thermochemistry Powerpoint

Power Point Slides

   *  Solid,Liquid, Gas Entropy PPT Slides