Unit 4 - Introduction to Bonding

I Can Statements

Introduction to Bonding Vocabulary
Chemical Potential Energy (C2.1a-b)

Enthalpy (C3.2b)

Bond Energy (C3.3c) 

Molecular Polarity (C4.4a-b)

Carbon Chemistry (C5.8a-c)

  • Draw structural formulas for up to ten carbon chains of simplehydrocarbons.
  • Draw isomers for simple hydrocarbons.

Recognize that proteins, starches, and other large biological molecules are polymers. 
   * Labs
             Biological Polymers & Crosslinkage
                          Biological Polymers and Crosslinkage Lab
                          Guar Gum Slime (polymers and crosslinking) 
                          PVA Slime (polymers and crosslinking) 
             Isomsers of Hydrocarbons 
             Naming Organic Compounds 
  * Demonstrations
             DNA Polymer Extraction 
             Isomers of Simple Hydrocarbons 
             Naming Organic Compounds 
   * Exercises
             Isomers of Hydrocarbons 
             Naming Organic Compounds 
             The PowerPoint of Polymers

Introduction to Bonding

   * Labs
             Biological Polymers and Crosslinkage 
             Isomers of Hydrocarbons 
             Molecular Structure
             Naming Organic Compunds Labs  

   * Demonstrations
             Bond Strength & Order
             DNA Polymer Extration
             Energy of Decomp and Synthesis of Water
             Isomers of Hydrocarbons
             Molecular Polarity
             Naming Organic Compounds
             Phases and the Particle Model of Matter
             Enthalpy of H202 Decomposition 

   * Exercises
             Bond Strength & Order 
             Introduction to Bonding Vocabulary  
             Isomers of Hydrocarbons
             Molecular Geometry & Polarity  
             Naming Organic Compounds
             Phases and the Particle Model of Matter 
             The PowerPoint of Polymers  

    * Evaluation  - Items are listed by question type: constructed response, selected & constructed response or selected
       response. Then by High School Content Expectation.
             Constructed Response 
             Selected & Constructed Response 
             Selected Response