Unit 5 - Nomenclature and Formula Stoichiometry

I CAN Statements 

Molecular and Empirical Formulae (C4.1a-c)

Nomenclature (C4.2a-b)

Nomenclature (C4.2c-e)

Moles (C4.6a-b)

  • Calculate the number of moles of any compound or element given the mass of the substance.
  • Calculate the number of particles of any compound or element given the mass of the substance. 
         * Mole Projects
               Mole Projects Handout 
               Mole Pattern #1 
               Mole Pattern #2 
               Instructions for Mole Pattern #2 
         * Mole Quantities Lab 
         * Molar Conversion Worksheet 
         * Molar Conversion Notes 
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         * Mole Jars Demo
         * The Chalk Lab

Unit 5 Assessment Questions

Unit 5 Assessment Key