Unit 9 - Thermochemistry and Solutions

I CAN Statements
Thermochemistry & Solutions Vocabulary
Chemical Potential Energy (C2.1c)

Molecular Entropy (C 2.2d)

Hess's Law (C3.1c-d)

Enthalpy and Entropy (C3.4g)

Solutions (C4.7a)

Phase/Change Diagrams (C5.4A-B)

Chemical Bonds (C5.5e)

  • Relate the melting point, hardness, and electrical and thermal conductivity of a substance to its structure.

Thermochemistry & Solutions

   *  Evaluations - Items are listed by question type: constructed response, selected & constructed response or selected response. Then by High School Content Expectation. 
            Constructed Response
                        Constructed Response C3_1d
                        Constructed Response C5_4A
            Selected & Constructed Response 
                        Selected Constructed Response C2_1c
                        Selected Constructed Response C3_1c
            Selected Response
                        Selected Response C4.7a
   *  Lab
            Boiling Point Elevation
            Enthalpy of H202 Decomposition
            Heat of Fusion for Water Lab & Exercise
            Measuring Enthalpy Change Using Calorimeters
   *  Demonstration
            Coffee Cup Calorimetery
            Freezing Point Depression
            Phases and the Particle Model of Matter
   *  Exercises
            Coffee Cup Calorimetery
            Colligative Properties
            Heat of Fusion for Water Lab & Exercise
            Thermochem and Sol's Vocabulary