General Science

General Science

Jermaine Evans and Christina Gaines, teachers at Blanchette Middle School in Inkster, Michigan , developed a 5 - 7 week module on the topic of climate change. The module is geared towards a class size of thirty-three to thirty-five students. A few of the activities are focused towards a smaller group of students used during their After School Program. It gives the students an opportunity to investigate the effects of climate change in the world around us. Module 1 is the introductory to climate change and its occurrences. Module 2 is focused on the sustainability of Earth as it relates to climate change.  Module 3 is centered on protocols and activities used to collect, analyze and interpret data about climate change.


Module 2

Unit 1 -- Climate Change and Earth Systems

Unit 2 - Classifying Environments

Carim Calkins is an 8th grade science teacher at  Frost Middle School, Livonia, MI  He has developed a two week module on determining and reducing your carbon footprint.  It is composed of ttwo units, one on determination and one on reduction.  To use the module and units, please click on the links below:

Module - Determine and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Unit 1 -- Determine Your Carbon Footprint

Unit 2 -- Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Amanda Laidlaw, a teacher at John Glenn High School in Westland, MI .  has developed a six-week module on the topic of local climate change. To view the module, please click HERE . Within this module is a 6-day unit on local climate climate, followed by a 4 day unit on using models to predict climate change . To view these units, please click on the links below:

Danielle Sciatto and Tim Harris, Biology and Chemistry teachers, at the Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts in Detroit, MI have developed a three week interdisciplinary module on the topic of climate change and the environment. To view the module, please click HERE. Please click on the links below to view the individual units by content area:

Midtown Academy -- Erica Conley-Shannon and Melanie Spangler

Module and 11 Units


Diana Markley is a science teacher at Stevenson Middle School in Westland, MI .  She developed a module entitled, Global Climate Change.  The driving quesiton for the module is "How is the reationship between climate, humans and other living organisms changing?  The module is composed of two units.  The units are entitled:
  • Polar Regions
  • Remote Sensing 

To download the entire module, including the two units, please click HERE .

Caroline Chuby, Greg Dombro and Kathleen O'Connor from University Prep Science and Math Middle School have developed a unit that has the dual purpose of teaching middle school students how to safely fly large kites and to use remote sensing devices to investigate how habitats change seasonally.

In their module, you will find a 5 E lesson, with extensions, that deal with the following topics:  1.  The Physics of Kite Flying; 2.  Team Safety Protocols for Kite Flying; and 3. Information Processing with Sensors.  Please CLICK HERE to download the module.