Social Studies

Social Studies

Deanna Devore, Kate Fanelli, and Caryn Flowers, teachers at the high school at Beacon Day Treatment Center in River Rouge, MI, developed a year-long interdisciplinary module on the topic of climate change, entitled "A Multidisciplinary Study of Climate Change."  To view the module, please click HERE.   Within this module are five multi-week units:

Serge Danielson-Francois, librarian, and Liz Giza, Science Department Chair, at Divine Child High School in Dearborn, MI have developed a six week scientific literacy class, entitled "Scientific Literacy and Climate Change," that provides students with the language and the methods needed to engage climate change on a global scale. This six week course is the basis of their climate change module.  Please click HERE to download the module in its entirety.  To download the two climate change units from the module, please click on the lnks below.


Matt Mooney - Values in Media 


Henry Ford High School, Detroit, MI

For the past 22 years (two of them as an administrator) Khidhir Naeem taught the social sciences, including world, United States, African American and American history, government, economics, geography, AP psychology, and global issues. As a Master Teacher, he is responsible for training new teachers and integrating them into the school environment. He also served as acting department head the last six of his 10 years at Central High School. Currently, he teaches at Henry Ford High School.

Jeannine Burke is a Special Education teacher at Henry Ford High School in Detroit, Michigan. She has been at the school for the past ten years. Her area of concentration is Social Studies. She co-teaches World History & Geography with Mr. Naeem. Together, they provide differentiated instruction in the Social Sciences to a diverse group of learners. Their classroom mission is to equip their students with the knowledge and skills required to become productive citizens. Global Issues is an area that is essential to the success of their students, which is why she is so excited to be a part of this Climate Change project. 

Khidhir and Jeannine developed a Climate Change Club, at the High School.  Please click HERE to view the agenda that they used for their Club.

The module / unit that was developed can be downloaded below:

Three teachers at Thurston High School in Redford, MI , developed three modules designed for use in a variety of classrooms.
  • Algebra 2 -- Charlene Jones developed a 9-day module, composed of one-5E unit, on the topic of Carbon Footprints and Offsets. The target audience is algebra 2 students. Please click HERE to download the unit.
  • Economics -- Scott Bridges developed a two-week module designed to be completed throughout the school year on the topic of economics and the environment. Within this module are a variety of lessons on externalities, social costs and benefits, and the related micro and macroeconomic issues. Please click HERE to download the unit. Please click HERE to download his unit, Climate Change: The (Negative?) Externality.
  • Environmental Science -- Brad Fritz developed a module that will last about 5 days, potentially longer depending on the student project portion. His 5E lessons explore the 4 major greenhouse gases - methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and water vapor. It requires access to a school lab, and some commonly available lab equipment. Please click HERE to download the module, which includes the unit.