Constructing Explanations (for science) and Designing Solutions (for engineering)

Short overview of Practice 6 Classroom teacher Paul Anderson gives a short overview of Practice 6.

NSTA Webinar This webinar uses Blackboard Collaborate when playing. It will not harm your computer. If your computer prompts you, you will need to "accept" to allow playback. This webinar was created before the final version of NGSS was available. However, the information presented is still pertinent and accurate.

Ready, Set, Science!: Putting Research to Work in K-8 Science Classrooms Please read pages 45-57. A middle school classroom (7th grade) is described. The teacher is deepening student understanding by guiding students through the process of constructing explanations. Other scientific practices, such as discussion and debate (practice 7), are also evident.

Designing Solutions for Engineering. The Boston Museum of Science has curriculum called Engineering is Elementary or EiE. There are twenty units that give elementary students experience behaving like engineers. In each of the units the students go through an engineering design process. It is worthwhile looking at the lesson called "What is Engineering" that is included in all the units. The "What is Engineering" activity helps adults and students to understand the engineering design process used by EiE. To access the unit called "Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes" click here. In this unit, please read the "what is engineering" lesson that starts on page 41. Please also watch the teacher professional development by clicking here.