Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

Short overview of Practice 8 Classroom teacher Paul Anderson gives a short overview of Practice 8.

NSTA Webinar This webinar uses Blackboard Collaborate when playing. It will not harm your computer. If your computer prompts you, you will need to "accept" to allow playback. This webinar was created before the final version of NGSS was available. However, the information presented is still pertinent and accurate.

Ready, Set, Science!: Putting Research to Work in K-8 Science Classrooms. Download the free copy. Science projects, where students are "doing" science, can be powerful and offer an integrated connection to other content areas. An excellent example of elementary students obtaining, evaluating and communicating information is described on pages 22-28. Please note that the teachers involved are not experts and they recognize that their project has some imperfections. However, the struggles and new questions that arose for the students gave them a more accurate understanding of what scientists really do (see pages 28-34). Science is often a messy process.