Lesson Plans Exploring NGSS

These lesson plans are not exemplars. They are the first attempt teachers have made to try and incorporate the science and engineering practices into their current lessons. Traverse Area ISD also has lesson plans that you may want to investigate.


Word DocumentAnimal Adaptation - Grade 3-5

PDF DocumentAnimal Adaptations - Grade K (R. Brown)
Word DocumentBatteries Included - Grade 4 (Y. Mallory)
Word DocumentBody Systems (Digestive System) - Grade 5 (D. Roberts)
Word DocumentBuild a Better Glue - Grade 5 (J. Timm)
Word DocumentConductors and Insulators - Grade 4 (M. Troy)
Word DocumentDo Shadows Change - Grade 5 (J. Timm)
Word DocumentEarth, Moon, Sun - Grade 3 (K. Tenant)
Word DocumentEarthquakes - Engineering - Grade 4 (S. Snideman)
Word DocumentEnergy - Grade 3-4 (D. Alderson)
Word DocumentEnergy - Grade 5 (C. Spangler)
Word DocumentEngineering, Bridge Building - Grade 2-3 (T. Green) 
Word DocumentEngineering, Bridge Building - Grade 5 (R. Newland)
Word DocumentEngineering Design - Stability - Grade 5 (Blankenship, Holland)PDF DocumentEngineering Egg Drop - Grade 3 (Gennrich)
Word DocumentEngineering, Making a Battery - Grade 5 (Z. Alysayag)
Word DocumentErosion - Grade 2
Word DocumentEnvironment Impact - Grade K (A. Whitcomb)
Word DocumentForce and Interactions - Grade 5 (S. Gillen) 
Word DocumentForces and Interactions - Grade 3 (Agatha Gordon)  
Word DocumentForces and Motion - Pushes and Pulls - Grade K-1 (Eady, Davis, Knott)
Word DocumentForces and Motion - Grade 5 (R. Newland )
Word DocumentGerminating Seeds - Grade 5
PDF DocumentGravity - Grade 5 (S. Fuoco)
Word DocumentGrowing Plants in a Bag - Grade 2 (C. Watkins)
Word DocumentHot Air Balloon Challenge - Grade 2 (J. Kushner)
Word DocumentInvestigating Heat Transfer - Grade 4 (Z. Alsayag)
Word DocumentLife Cycles of Animals - Grade 3 (M. Scott)
Word DocumentLight - Grade 1 (R. Pegg)
Word DocumentMagnetism - Grade 3 (S. Gillen)
PDF DocumentMystery Bag - Grade 2 (Gennrich) 
Word DocumentPlants and Ecosystems - Grade 2 (T. Green)
Word DocumentPlants Need Water - Grade 2 (M. Keagle)
PDF DocumentPushes and Pulls - Grade K (R. Brown)
Word DocumentProperties of Matter - Grade 5 (G. Chulevski)
Word DocumentSolids, Liquids and Gases - Grade 2 (J. Kushner)
Word DocumentSound Acoustic Engineering - Grade 4 (G. Chulevski)
Word DocumentStars and The Solar System - Grade 5 (A. Gordon) 
Word DocumentWater Cycle - Grade 5
Word DocumentWeather Patterns - Grade K (A. Whitcomb)

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 6-8)

Word DocumentBuilding Blocks of Our Body - Grades 5-7 (L. Franklin)
Word DocumentBuilding Simple and Complex Molecules - Grade 7-8 (A. Lund)
Word DocumentCell Models - Grade 7 (B. Settle) 
PDF DocumentDestroy or Not to Destroy (Terrell) 
Word DocumentEarth Science Unit - Grade 6 (A. McNamara)
Word DocumentEngineering a Barge Lesson - Grade 6 (C. Morris)
Word DocumentEngineering, Momentum and Impulse - Grade 8 (B. Johnson)  
Word DocumentForce and Motion - Grade 8 (B. Johnson)
PDF DocumentForce and Motion - Grade 8 (B. Johnson) - support material
PDF DocumentHuman Impact on Ecosystem - Grade 6 (K. Terrell)
Word DocumentInteractions in Ecosystems - Grade 7 (K. Davis) 
Word DocumentModeling Earth, Cycling Material and Changes - Grade 6 (C. Morris)
Word DocumentMolecule Models - Grade 7 (Sutherby, Miller)
PDF DocumentMomentum and Impulse - Grade 8 (B. Johnson) - support materials 
Word DocumentMotion Energy - Grades 6-8 (Beckon and Jordan)
Word DocumentMousetrap Cars - Engineering - Grade 7 (Davis, Forbes-Mulibwa, Troy)
Word DocumentMousetrap Cars - Engineering - Grade 7 (Forbes-Mulibwa)
PDF DocumentNarrative Organizer (Terrell)
Word DocumentNewton's 2nd Law - Grade 7 (B. Settle)
Word DocumentNewton's 2nd Law - Grade 8 (B. Johnson)
PDF DocumentNewton's 2nd Law (extra documents) - Grade 8 
PDF DocumentPersuasive Letter Rubric (Terrell)
Word DocumentProperties of Matter - Grade 6 (J. Douglas)
Word DocumentProperties of Matter - Grade 6 (J. Douglas, attachments) 
Word DocumentSound Waves - Grade 7 (Benson, Kelso)
Word DocumentTransfer of Energy - Grade 6 (J. Douglas)
Word DocumentTransfer of Energy - Grade 6 (J. Douglas, Popcorn Lab 2012) 
Word DocumentTransferring of Heat - Grade 7 (C. Onwuneme)
Word DocumentWind Energy Design Challenge - Grade 8 (B. Settle)

HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9-12)

PDF DocumentCellular Division Model - High School (A. Zanetti) 
Word DocumentChemical Reactions - Grade 9 (C. Youman)
Word DocumentCollisions - Grade 11 (W. Carey) 
Word DocumentDensity - Grade 9-12 (C. Wahl)
Word DocumentDensity - Grade 11 (Goodman)
Powerpoint DocumentDensity Grade 11 (Goodman) Metal Physical Properties Lab1
Word DocumentEgg Drop, Physics - Grade 11-12 (D. Patta)  
Word DocumentEngineering - Grade 10-12 (E. Doemer)
Word DocumentEnvironmental Project Lesson Plan - High School (A. Suleski)
Word DocumentFish Homeostasis Metabolism - HS (A. Sulewski)
Word DocumentForce and Motion - Grade 11-12 (D. Patta)  
Word DocumentForce and Motion, Conservation of Momentum - Grade 11-12 (D. Patta)
Word DocumentForce and Motion, Engineering - Grade 9 (A. Hammons)
Word DocumentGenetics, Probability - Grade 10 (A. Hammons)
Word DocumentMars Rover Engineering - High School (A. Hammons) 
Word DocumentMass Momentum - Grade 9 (Spangler-Driscoll)
Word DocumentQuantifying Chemical Reactions - Grades 10-11 (J. Sabatini)
Word DocumentRadioactive Decay - Grade 10-12 - (E. Doemer)
Word DocumentReactivity of Elements in the Periodic Table - Grade 10-12 (P. Evans)
Word DocumentRoller Coaster Engineering - Grade 11  (W. Carey)
Word DocumentStates of Matter - HS (R. Maxwell)


PDF DocumentInterpreting Weather Maps (Notes)
PDF DocumentInterpreting Weather Maps (WS)
Word DocumentInterpreting Weather Maps - Middle School (S. Snideman)
Powerpoint DocumentInterpreting Weather Maps - Middle School (S. Snideman)
PDF DocumentInterpreting Weather Maps, Air Masses - Middle School
PDF DocumentInterpreting Weather Maps, Venn Diagram - Middle School (S. Snideman)
Word DocumentShannon's Weather Notes

K-5 NGSS Lesson Plans from Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District

EQuIP Rubric for Science Released - The Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products (EQuIP) Rubric for Lessons & Units: Science was released today. The Rubric provides criteria by which to measure the alignment and overall quality of lessons and units with respect to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The purpose of the Rubric is to (1) provide constructive criterion-based feedback to developers; (2) review existing instructional materials to determine what revisions are needed; and (3) identify exemplars/models for teachers' use within and across states.