The Wayne County Math and Science Center owns two StarLabs, indoor planetariums. They are for the use of Wayne County teachers. In order to borrow the StarLab, you must be trained. Training for StarLab are conducted as needed. If you would like more information about StarLab trainings, please contact Linda Olinik at

Aunt Nan's Missing Star

Here is a short story about light pollution written by Bob Riddle.  He wrote it a few years ago as part of an achievement award for Girl Scouts. 

There Once Was A Sky Filled With Stars

Here is a wonderfully illustrated and narrated story about the effects of light pollution on what we are unable to see in the night skies as a result. More importantly it shows how light polluted night skies have an effect on living things - especially those that are night types. (8 minutes)

StarLab Registration Form

If you would like to reserve the StarLab for use at your school, please download the registration form and return it to Linda Olinik at

Student Services Form

When you use the Starlab, it is your responsibility to complete a student services form . This is important because it lets us know how many students have shared in the use of the Starlab. Please download the student services form and return it to Linda Olinik at  

Return Instructions Form

The Starlab can be used for one week at a time, unless other arrangements have been made. It should be picked up on Monday and returned on Friday. Please download the Starlab Return Instructions Form to view information on returning the Starlab and contact information. If you have questions, please contact Linda Olinik at 

MSU Sky Calendars 

StarLab Website

The StarLab website provides all of the information that you will need about the StarLab.

Instructional Videos on Using the Starlab

The South Carolina State Museum made a series of training videos on using the Starlab. The focus of the videos was to provide information on their Starlab, but also to help those who have a Starlab and need help in using it. All of the videos are located on YouTube. Each video lasts 3 - 9 minutes.

  1. Overview and Unfolding the Starlab
  2. The Starlab Fan and Inflating the Starlab
  3. The Standard Starlab Projector
  4. Starlab Cylinders and "The Yellow Box"
  5. Inside the Starlab and Safety Outside the Starlab
  6. Entering the Starlab and Deflating the Dome and Packing Up

Please click HERE to watch the entire process of setting up the Starlab, presenting a "show" and tearing it down, in a 25 second video


Classic Starlab Cylinder Manuals

The Wayne County Math and Science Center has 15 different cylinders that you can use with your students. There is a user manual for each cylinder, that provides information on using that specific cylinder. Please click on the name of each cylinder, to download the manual: Starfield ; Constellations ; Celestial Coordinates ; Deep Sky Objects ; Solar System and Galaxy ; Earth ; Plate Tectonics ; Ocean Currents ; Weather ; Greek Mythology ; Ancient Egyptian Culture ; Native American Mythology ; Chinese Legends ; African Mythology ; Biological Cell

Activities and Lesson Manuals for Use in Starlab

Starlab Set-Up, Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Each of the following manuals are valuable in setting up the Starlab, using the projector, folding and unfolding the dome, and general maintenance. Please select the manual the correlates to the projector that you are using. Please click HERE for the Standard Projector and Starlab. Please click HERE for the LED Projector and Starlab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the above link to get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Starlab, including: "How many people fit inside?"; "What kind of room do I need for the Starlab?"; "How long does it take to set up and take down?"; "How do I get inside of it and do I have to crawl?";"How heavy is it?"; and "Is it handicapped accessible?"

Pictures of Students Using StarLab and Teachers Being Trained to Use Starlab

View students in Wayne County using the StarLab.You will also be able to view teachers being trained in the use of the Starlab by Rod Bisher, from a training that took place on August 15, 2012 for Waye County teachers.

StarDogs Astronomy

Rod Bisher is the owner of StarDogs Astronomy. Rod has trained teachers in the use of StarLab in Wayne County and is an approved presenter through the Wayne County Math and Science Center at Wayne RESA. For more information, contact Rod at: Office: 517-803-2349; Cell: 517-490-6246; email:; Facebook:

Super Science Investigators

Dr. Jeffery Driscoll is the owner of Super Science Investigators (SSI). He has been entertaining Michigan schools by providing a day of science fun including state of the art, digital portable planetariums using StarLab and Digitalis Digital Planetarium systems for several years. His organization also provides students the opportunity to view the sun using professional grade solar telescopes. SSI also provides community wide deep space observation including the planets, galaxies, open clusters, nebulae and other night time gems using professional grade telescopes. He spent nearly 10 years as a NASA outreach coordinator as part of the Saturn Observation Campaign. He is an approved presenter through Wayne RESA. You can contact him for a day of discovery at or visit the Super Science Investigator website at, Twitter: .

StarLab Availability