• Top Civics/Government Web Sites

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  • Citizenship Participation, Public Discourse & Decision Making

    Learning to Give - Over 400 field-tested, standards-based lessons focusing on voluntary action for the common good. Downloadable, with assessments, rubrics, etc. The lessons are multidisciplinary.
    The American Promise Program - Lesson plans, ideas to bring democracy to life, supplement to free videos produced by the original PBS series.
    Character Education - Free resources for teachers on character education.
    Teaching Social Responsibility - This is a project of Educators for Social Responsibility and all the lessons and activities are inquiry oriented. A nice collection of lessons for teaching students social responsibility.
    Kids Voting USA! - Students learn about democracy through a combination of classroom activities, an authentic voting experience and family dialogue. Instructional materials provide K-12 teachers with valuable civic learning tools to be used throughout the school year, every year. In addition to classroom activities about voting and elections, students also explore the right to vote, democracy and active citizenship.
    The Henry Ford: With Liberty & Justice for All - Explore America's fight for freedom, witness the struggle to achieve it, and celebrate the courage to maintain it through this new exhibit. With Liberty & Justice for All is organized around 4 key topics: Independence, Freedom & Union, Votes for Women, and ther Civil Rights Movement. This exhibit is appropriate for grades 4-12.
  • CDV Resources & Lessons

    Learning to Give: CDV Lessons
    Michigan Epic: CDV Interactive Notebook - Create your own notebook on this interactive CDV site. The following topics are covered: Equality, Personal Property, the Right to Petition the Government, Freedom of Assembly and Free Speech, Majority , Minority Rights, and Common Good & the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Current Events

  • Go Go News: Daily News for Children  This site features popular headlines from mainstream media with filtered content and images. There are lessons for teachers, games and activities for kids, as well as a discussion forum. This is a good site to pass along to parents.
  • News Sources for Elementary Age Kids - Contains: The Scholastic News Zone, BBC Kids, National Geographic News for Kids, The Yak's Corner, The Kids News Room, Weekly Reader, Time for Kids, and The Yahooligans News
  • K-4 Lesson Plans using the Detroit Newspapers - Lesson plans are updated each week and are linked to that week's newspaper. The teaching activities that are multidisciplinary. A wonderful resource!
  • PDF DocumentTrade Books of Children's Literature for Social Studies

    This bibliography contains children's literature with social studies organized in the following categories: Civics, Core Democratic Values. Civics, Economics, Geography, and History.
  • Teacher Created Lesson Plans

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