Top Economics Websites

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  • Broad Fincancial- Financial Literacy Resources: This list was passed along to me by Leila Hendersky and her after school students. It contains a number of excellent resources that use fun and high interest activities to focus kids on important  financial literacy lessons.
  • Econ Ed Link - Super econ lessons for every grade, very easy to use.
  • Foundation for Teaching Economics: Prize Winning Lessons - These award winning lessons come from teachers around the country and the world. This FTE site also has excellent student and teacher programs and incentives. Consider taking one of their professional development opportunities.
  • The U.S. Mint - The Mint is an economics and finance site for youth, their teachers, and parents. This very interactive site teaches the ins and outs of personal finance, entrepreneurship, and basic economics. Click on the "Ideas for Teachers." Contains some lesson plans.
  • National Council on Economic Education - The National Council on Economic Education has great publications, lessons, links, and resources for the classroom teacher.
  • Teaching About Taxes - Compliments of your Internal Revenue Service!

Personal Finance Resources

Current Economics Blog
Ideas and discussions about economic and financial literacy issues. This blog is an outreach service of The Powell Center for Economic Literacy.

Educational Resources of the Various Federal Reserve Banks

Stock Market Links

  • Stock Market Simulation - The National Stock Market Simulation is a classroom activity designed for upper elementary, middle and high school ages students and played by teams from across the nation. Teams are each given $100,000 in hypothetical money. The teams attempt to increase the value of their portfolios over a ten-week period by buying and selling shares of stock listed on the New York, American, and NASDAQ Stock Exchanges. Mutual Funds, margin and short selling are also taught.
  • The Stock Market Game - The Stock Market Game gives students the chance to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in a real-time portfolio. They think they're playing a game. You know they're learning economic and financial concepts they'll use for the rest of their lives. The SMG is designed for upper elementary, middle, and high school age students.

Michigan Council on Economic Education
Your Michigan headquarters for economic resources, programs, and links. Check out the calendar of events!

An Economic Analysis of Current Events
Access up-to-date research and commentary on the current financial picture and on perennial economic issues like energy, trade, immigration, and health care. This is a nice way to connect Economics with History. It is updated weekly.

European Union: Teacher Resources - U.S. teachers looking to expand and deepen their classroom coverage of the European Union can now download cutting-edge lesson plans created by teachers for teachers. Bring your European view into the 21st century with curriculum guides focused on environmental policy, immigration issues, economic integration, and contemporary society.