Grade 6: Western Hemisphere Web Sites

These web sites focus on the history and cultures of the Western Hemisphere.

  • Thinkfinity - All of's 55,000 standards-based K-12 lesson plans, student materials, interactive tools and reference materials are reviewed by the nation's leading education organizations to ensure that content is accurate, up-to-date, unbiased and appropriate for students.
  • Mr. Donn's Ancient History Lessons - This award winning site was created by two teachers. Most of the links and lesson plans focus on Ancient History and World History. The links are up-to-date and it's very user friendly. It also incorporates children's literature.
  • U.S. Department of State Country Background Information - Provides factual information on the world's independent states, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
  • HyperHistory - HyperHistory is an expanding scientific project presenting 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps. A display from the simple to the more complex. The graphics in the Center Panel provide a first quick overview of general information linked to short texts in the right Text Panel. More comprehensive information is provided at the bottom of the text files with www links.
  • Maps of War Site - Hard to explain but fascinating and worth the effort to take a look. Maps-of-War presents a special list of the best multimedia war maps from across the world wide web.
  • Mapping History: An Electronic Map Library - This site has an electronic map library covering major events in Latin America and European History. Many of them are interactive.
  • Global Education Resources for K-12 - It contains approximately 1,000 entries. The directory is organized into categories. Featured are teaching materials, technology, travel and exchange programs, and information on conferences and publications.
  • Canadian Studies Resources - Contains basic materials for studying Canada.
  • Latin America Resources from MSU - Latin America School and Educational Resource provides online resources for teaching about Latin America. Included are country fact sheets, background information, lessons and modules by teachers, images and links to quality websites related to Latin America. LASER provides a searchable database of resources that are organized thematically, by grade level and subject area. By the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Michigan State University.
  • PBS: Lost Kingdom of the Maya - Welcome to the companion Web site to the PBS series. The film follows the work of archeologists who are using new excavations and hieroglyphic translations to interpret the early history of Copán, a Classic Maya site in northern Honduras.
  • The MesoAmerican Ballgame - This site has interactive timelines and maps of ancient MesoAmerica, from the Olmec to Spanish conquests, The virtual tour of the the ball court describes the ball game that was a part of the Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec culture.
  • Outreach World - A comprehensive one-stop resource for teaching international and area studies.
  • Connect With Schools Around the World:- Prepared by the US Department of Education's, this site is designed  to help teachers reach out globally with their students.
  • Time Machine - It's a time machine. Click on this link and you can travel to pages with maps and short histories of each geographical region of the world. You can click on as little as 40 years ago or as long as 10,000 years ago.