MISTAR Data and Assessment

Introducing MISTAR Data and Assessment Tool

The implementation for Wayne RESA's new assessment tool, Illuminate Data and Assessment , is well underway. As you may know, the CLASS A Datawise system will be terminated during the 2014-2015 school year and will be seamlessly transitioned into the new assessment data management system that we have named, MISTAR Data and Assessment. Historical local and State assessment results and locally created common assessments will be migrated into the new MISTAR Data and Assessment system.

WRESA's Assessment team and IT team have partnered to facilitate the Kick-off/Needs Assessment meetings with our districts. These meetings are two-fold: 1) they provide an opportunity for districts to self-assess their balanced assessment practices, and 2) to introduce the MISTAR Data and Assessment transition strategy and begin discussions on individualized project and training plans.

During these meetings, districts complete the Assessment Practices Reflection Tool that is based upon the work of Chappuis, Commodore, and Stiggins and focuses on the following four priorities:

  • Priority I: Balance the district assessment system to meet all key user needs and ensure assessment literacy throughout the system.
  • Priority II: Ensure assessment quality in all contexts to support good decision making.
  • Priority III: Promote the use of assessment within the context of instruction to include and meet the needs of all learners.
  • Priority IV: Use assessment results and data effectively to inform decisions about student learning at all levels.

This process has helped schools identify areas that would benefit from targeted professional development and identify goals for school improvement. In addition, we will be analyzing the county-wide ratings to determine the most pressing needs which will allow us to better align our professional development course offerings. This process has opened the door for some rather beneficial face-to-face dialogue.

The new MISTAR Data and Assessment is a 21st century tool that features technically enhanced items (video embedded, fill in the blank, multiple correct answers, selectable text, and more) that can have more than one content standard alignment to Common Core or any other standards. MISTAR Data and Assessment offers enhanced custom reporting, student groups, robust student history profile, scanning reusable student answers sheets using a document camera, online testing, and much more.

Below are some user-friendly videos and documentation that will support the training roll-out plans. These links are always available, regularly updated, and do not require a login.

To date, our team has met with more than thirty-four school districts. To keep this positive momentum going, we are requesting that interested and remaining districts contact Donna Adams at AdamsD@resa.net or (734) 334-1492 in order to schedule your district's Kick-off/Needs Assessment meeting.


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