School Improvement Facilitation

Facilitation of the continuous improvement process of School Improvement in collaboration with the building principal, school staff and education and community partners.

  • Provides feedback and guidance around School Improvement activities
  • Assists in coordination of services to reduce duplication and provide focus in the implementation of School Improvement
  • Provides communication and collaboration among stakeholders to revise and implement the School Improvement Plan
  • Assists in the review and analysis of the design and operation of the school's instructional program
  • Assists in the review and analysis of school data
  • Assists the school in developing recommendations for improving student performance
  • Supports Grade Level or Content Area team to develop and implement Grade Level/Content Area Action Plans




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Deb Clancy
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Marvin Franklin
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Adrienne Hill
(734) 334-1516
Velicia Humes
Consultant, School Culture and Climate
(734) 334-1475
Alyn Moore
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Kimberly Murphy
(734) 334-1409
Russell Robinson
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Sabrina Rudy
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