Service Coordination

Wayne RESA provides both an Intervention Specialist at the district level and a School Improvement Facilitator at the building level, to support the district's reform/redesign efforts for its Priority School(s).

The Intervention Specialist supports the district in understanding the reasons why a school has been identified as Priority and examines district systems and barriers to support school turnaround efforts. Supports provided by the Intervention Specialist include:

  •  Facilitating data dialogues
  • Supporting district and school implementation and monitoring of the approved plan
  • Participating in required quarterly School Support Team meetings
  • Supporting district and school personnel in the completion and submission of required documentation including Quarterly Board Reports

The School Improvement Facilitator is assigned at the building level  to support the work of the School Support Team in raising achievement by:

  • Engaging in data driven dialogue to drive School Improvement goals, objectives, strategies and activities
  • Exploring targeted research and evidence based strategies designed to improve student achievement in identified areas
  • Assisting with the review of the School Improvement Plan, Comprehensive Needs Assessment and alignment of building professional development
  • Supporting the principal and school team to develop a coherent plan for the School Improvement in the building
  • Facilitating the completion of the MI Excel Service Plan Documentation to assist the building in accessing available coaching and technical assistance services
  • Supporting the ongoing implementation of the Instructional Learning Cycle process
  • Providing feedback and guidance around School Improvement activities




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