Services and Support

A continuum of services and support including technical assistance, instructional coaching, and professional development are available through Wayne RESA to identified schools. Requests for services come through the School Support Team which meets at least quarterly to:

  • Review and document progress on the building School Improvement plan
  • Develop/revise Service Requests for coaching, professional development as needed
  • Monitor support services deployed aimed at raising student achievement

Word DocumentMi Excel Service Plan Documentation- YEAR ONE Schools
Word DocumentMI Excel Service Plan Documentation - Years Two and Higher

Word DocumentGuidance for Completing the Request for SSoS Services Documentation Plan


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Deb Clancy
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1435
Marvin Franklin
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1529
Adrienne Hill
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1516
Velicia Humes
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1475
Alyn Moore
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1517
Kimberly Murphy
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1409
Russell Robinson
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1515
Sabrina Rudy
Educational Improvement
(734) 334-1519