Educational Services PD Course Catalog 2017-18

Educational Services Professional Development Course Catalog

Sustained Professional Development is the most impactful means of support for educators across Wayne County and requires the greatest amount of time. Research is clear regarding high quality professional learning experiences translating into positive outcomes in the classroom. The professional development must be long term, sustained, with the same group of people, include multiple modalities such as professional study, reading, dialogue, practice, reflection, sharing, and action planning. This type of professional learning will primarily take place on Wayne RESA campus or regionally, and may involve district site visits as a part of the series or professional learning.

Focused In-service/Workshops and Technical Support describes a focus on providing information and updates in some depth through a variety of professional learning opportunities offered on Wayne RESA's campus or provided regionally (examples include: Michigan Career and College Standards, M-STEP, and MISTAR Data and Assessment).

2017-2018 Course Offerings
This document uses the Michigan improvement plan model to outline Wayne RESA's Educational Services professional development course offerings for the 2017-2018 school year. Through this format, districts will be able to make clearer connections when planning goals, strategies and activities, and the professional development Wayne RESA offers that align with those objectives and initiatives.

Course Listings (updated 04-19-17)

This document contains descriptions of Wayne RESA's Educational Services course offerings for the 2017-2018 school year. Dates, locations, and cost have been included. Registration is available through the Workshop Registration link.

Course Descriptions (updated 09-07-17) 

The following documents provide a sampling of research that supports the courses offered through Wayne RESA.