new administrative rule changes

The New Administrative Rules that govern educator certificates were adopted May 18, 2012 by the legislature. Teachers renewing their Professional Education Certificates or Occupational Education Certificates may now use the professional development that is provided by school districts in compliance with PA 289, 1995 Section 380.1527. Using documentation of their participation in the Professional Development provided by their district each year, teachers can use these hours for certificate renewal. For consistency, MDE has set six hours to equal one school day.

To utilize these credits, teachers will fill out a form documenting their participation in programs the district has provided in compliance with PA 289, 1995 Section 380.1527.  MDE requires the form(s) be signed by the principal or district designee. The district provided professional development also must be added to the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) on the "View/Update Professional Dev Data" page in their accounts. MOECS will add the district provided professional development hours to the college credits and/or state continuing education clock hours (SCECH/SB-CEUs) in their accounts. Professional/Occupational Education Certificates require a total of 150 clock hours for renewal. For your reference, one college semester credit is the equivalent of 25 hours.

There is a special option - If teachers have completed all 5 days of the district provided professional development for the 5 years prior to the expiration date on their certificates, they will be able to renew with those hours only. If they have not completed all 5 days, all 5 years, of the district provided professional development, the hours they have completed will be counted as clock hours along with any other credits they receive, but they will be required to complete the total 150 hours.

The District Provided Professional Development programs do not have to go through the SB-CEU/SCECH and Secure Central Registry system, but can if a district so chooses. Individual teachers are responsible for keeping track of their own DPPD and reporting it separate from college credits and SB-CEUs/SCECHs for certificate renewal and advancement.

If you choose to utilize your DPPD hours for your certification renewal, please complete the document below and follow the instructions as to how to report these hours.

For more information, please visit the Michigan Department of Education website .