Wayne RESA Receives High Marks on Recent Accreditation Visit

WRESA Accreditation results meeting 

Wayne RESA Receives High Marks on Recent Accreditation Visit

On March 1-4, 2015 Wayne RESA experienced its first ever External Review Visit by an AdvancED Accreditation Team with members from various locations of the country, including Michigan. Wayne RESA is one of the few ISDs across the state to undergo this rigorous external review process and received great feedback and high praise from the review team, including eleven Powerful Practices and only one area of improvement. Please see the comprehensive list below:

Powerful Practices

  • Wayne RESA staff create and/or provide professional learning opportunities designed to engage practitioners and meet their unique needs. (3.3, 3.6)
  • The agency uses collaboration, developed through the high quality relational capacity of the staff, as an essential operating principle, directly impacting improvement results in the delivery of targeted and relevant programs and services. (3.4)
  • The agency engages in a systematic and comprehensive process to review and communicate its focus on service, leadership, collaboration and excellence. (1.1)
  • The agency leadership and staff commit to shared values and beliefs, while fostering a culture consistent with the agency’s purpose and direction that encourages and supports innovation and collaboration. (1.2, 2.4)
  • The Board establishes policies and supports practices that ensure effective administration of the agency, operates responsibly, functions effectively, and ensures that agency leadership has the autonomy to meet established goals and to manage day-to-day operations effectively. (2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
  • The agency provides a safe, clean and inviting workspace environment through maintenance of its facilities and equipment. (4.3)
  • The agency demonstrates strategic resource management that includes long-range planning focusing on budgets, facilities, and services in support of the purpose and direction of the agency. (4.4)

Improvement Priority

Develop and implement a comprehensive evaluation system using multiple assessment measures to collect and analyze data to:

  1. provide a comprehensive and complete picture of programs and services;
  2. evaluate effectiveness across all programs and services delivered to constituent schools and systems, and;
  3. regularly and systematically evaluate the evaluation process itself for reliability and effectiveness in improving programs and services. (5.1, 5.2, 4.5)

Congratulations to the Wayne RESA team on a job well done! Wayne RESA has so much of which to be proud.