Wayne RESA Instructional Technology Update

male teacher sitting in a classroom using a laptop

As we start building a new instructional technology sub-department at Wayne RESA, we are being intentional about how we support districts with good instructional strategies tied to research and best practices rather than focusing on just the technology tool. We are evaluating and exploring how our work can support Wayne RESA and district initiatives without having instructional technology be an “add-on”. For example, we are having conversations around how we can build strong connections to curriculum, instruction, and assessment using effective tools that can be supported by the building/district staff with the instructional technology department support.

We are working with the Educational Services department to build online, interactive learning opportunities around the Student Growth Guidance Document. We are continuing our work with making Moodle learning management system to be more user friendly and building connections to other systems such as MISTAR. We are working with a handful of districts to test connecting Moodle grades to MISTAR SIS. Some of the new programs we are exploring and expanding are Maker Spaces using STEM tools along with other hands-on learning opportunities. We are working with media specialists and teachers throughout the county to help make curriculum connections as well as building informal learning opportunities. We have a few upcoming sessions that are being funded by the REMC Association of Michigan so there is no cost for districts to attend these sessions. Please check Wayne RESA’s site for workshop registration for instructional technology offerings.

For on-site professional development and/or training, please complete the Wayne RESA PD request form. We encourage district/building staff to discuss how the training being requested will support the SIP, DIP, and/or Technology Plan.