MISTAR Data and Assessment—Spring 2015

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MISTAR Data and Assessment—Spring 2015 

As we continue the roll out of MISTAR Data and Assessment, Wayne RESA has been working on two primary fronts. First, the technical training and implementation of the system is well underway. Also, Wayne RESA recently conducted a comprehensive Response for Proposal process to select a vendor that will provide content for the system. We are making good progress on both fronts.

Technical Training and Implementation:

The scope of phase one training is to get acclimated to the MISTAR Data and Assessment system.

Phase One Includes:

  • Implementation status update
  • Navigation of the tool
  • Creating an on the fly assessment
  • Manual assessment (quick test aligned to standards)
  • Searching for students and help/videos
  • Prebuilt reports,
  • Time for the client team to discuss next steps

Phase Two Includes:

  • Questions from the district
  • Test setup—answer sheet designer, question groups, performance bands, advanced scoring, multiple aversions, and more
  • Test administration—scanning, manual score entry, online testing and importing, basic and intermediate reports
  • Creating a summary assessment which is a data receptacle for tracking DRA, MLPP, Physical Education, Music, and more that allow the user to define the number of columns and data elements that can be collected
  • Building a simple custom report
  • Applying performance bands to filter and analyze data

For more details and scheduling of your districts MISTAR Data and Assessment train the trainer sessions, email Yolanda Johnson — johnsoy@resa.net and Marilyn Vick — vickm@resa.net.

Response for Proposal Process

MISTAR Data and Assessment is a powerful system for developing, administering and using assessments to measure student learning. Through the use of this tool, a local school district has the advantage of creating relevant and timely assessments that directly align to district curriculum and instruction. Currently, educators have the means to create new assessment items for various needs. Beyond this capability, the Wayne RESA data and assessment team sought to evaluate potential vendors that could offer additional, high quality assessment items. The primary purpose for pursuing this assessment content is to offer teachers a variety of methods for collecting assessment data, with a specific focus on higher-order thinking skills.

In March, three item development companies were invited to RESA with the aim of presenting their assessment content and offering a solution to populating the MISTAR assessment item bank. These particular companies were selected because they expressed an ability to provide items that have undergone a rigorous development cycle and the experience of being delivered through the MISTAR platform.

A panel of educators from RESA and Wayne County School Districts participated in these presentations in order to provide insight and feedback. This process produced valuable information to the Wayne RESA team. Further review of these items continues as the team prepares to make recommendations on behalf of those involved in the evaluations. More information will be forthcoming on the results of this process as we continue to strive for quality resources.