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Wayne County RESA is well under way in the transition from the Datawise CLASS A tool to the new and improved MISTAR Data and Assessment system. The new data management system was selected due to its advanced capability in reporting multiple forms of data, as well as the potential of the system to create assessment items that more closely align with our state standards and accountability structure. Over the past several months, the transition team has been meeting with districts individually, working on the migration of content from Datawise to MISTAR Data and Assessment. In addition, we have collected perception data from each district regarding current assessment practices and district priorities. Our team is using this data to collaborate around an effective model of service that incorporates best practices in assessment and data management. Wayne RESA’s goal is to share the results of the district meetings through executive summaries and plan training supports for the 2015-16 school year.

As an update Wayne RESA has taken several courses of action:

  • In December 2014, our team began conducting demonstrations and data validation work sessions, which is a high level overview of the system and validating student schedules.
  • Created current rosters and student demographics in almost all of the Wayne County districts that are transitioning to the MISTAR Data and Assessment database.
  • Beginning technical training with data teams regarding system basics.

We are thankful for the Wayne County Districts/Schools that have been willing to participate in the needs assessment process. The data points realized as a result of this process have been impactful and will help inform our decision making as an organization regarding future professional development offerings around content, instruction and assessment.

For more information or to schedule training, please contact Yolanda Johnson (johnsoy@resa.net), Marilyn Vick (vickm@resa.net) or Lena Nemeth (nemethl@resa.net).

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