Safe and Healthy Schools, Climate, Culture, and Leadership Collaborative

teacher and group of smiling elementary students

Wayne RESA offers a variety of core and supplemental supports related broadly to the areas of culture and climate. Safe & Healthy Schools, Climate, Culture, and Leadership Team services are provided to facilitate and sustain learning environments that promote and ensure academic achievement for all students. Our work is designed to facilitate the essential knowledge, skills, practices, and policies that empower all schools to develop school climates and cultures that support high levels of academic achievement. We recognize the impact and influence of school/district climates and cultures that “feed forward” learning. The Educational Services Department defines culture and climate in the following ways.

Climate is the “feel” or general atmosphere of an organization that is determined by the collective mood, attitude, and morale of its people.

Culture is the collective beliefs, personality, and practices (written and unwritten rules) that shape and influence every aspect of how an organization functions.

Wayne RESA offers comprehensive school climate and culture services that include: school health and safety, behavior support and intervention, school climate improvement, equity, cultural competency, instructional engagement, and leadership development. Additionally, our services touch and support all levels of the school system—from the boardroom to the classroom. All of the services are designed to:

  • Promote and sustain powerful environments that facilitate students who are successful and effective learners.
  • Develop and empower leadership (teacher and administrative) that has the skills, knowledge, and competencies to leverage the strengths and talents of all stakeholders to ensure student success.

To view course offerings please visit our website or contact Dr. Stephanie Burrage, Assistant Superintendent for Constituent School District Support, at or 734-334-1598.