Science Podcasts—Finding Time to Grow Scientifically

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Science Podcasts—Finding Time to Grow Scientifically 

Wayne RESA, through the Wayne County Mathematics and Science Center, produces science podcasts on a regular basis. You can access them at:

Join your host, David Bydlowski, Wayne RESA Science Consultant, as he visits the world of K-12 Science. These short science podcasts, ranging from 3 to 4 minutes in length, provide information regarding the world of K-12 Science education. The science podcasts are often timely, related to current events in a variety of contexts, including: inquiry, content, leadership, curriculum involvement, eResources, professional development and more. 

Podcasts include:

Middle School Science Minute

These weekly podcasts highlight recent articles from Science Scope, a magazine for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association. The Middle School Science Minute is also a weekly feature on the Middle School Matters Podcast, hosted by Troy Patterson of the Dearborn Public Schools and Shawn McGirr of the Melvindale-North Allen Park Public Schools, a weekly podcast “For Middle School Educators Who Care.” You can listen to the Middle School Matters podcast at:

Climate Change Minute

This weekly podcast features a quick look into the science of climate change and remote sensing. The podcast is not only helpful for teachers, but for students as well. 

Last, although it does not meet the strict definition of a podcast, you may also be interested in listening and viewing:

ICCARS (Investigating Climate Change and Remote Sensing) PLC

ICCARS participants and any other educators who are interested in climate change and remote sensing, can participate in monthly sixty minute PLC's, hosted by David Bydlowski and Andy Henry. During the PLC’s participants share what is going on in the classroom and gain information on climate change and remote sensing; along with question and answer periods. They are available in both audio and video format.

If you have any questions regarding science podcasts please feel free to email David Bydlowski at