Supporting a Systems Approach to Improvement

Three women smiling and collaborating at a table

The educational landscape has been undergoing rapid change over the past several years. Most recently, the separation of the School Reform Office from the Michgian Department of Education has created some confusion and uncertainty amongst reporting requirements and implementation of best practices. Wayne RESA is partnering with districts and school teams across Wayne County in an effort to focus on assisting with sustaining research- and evidence-based improvement practices that will help districts make the best decisions possible. District level and building level teams can leverage RESA supports such as:

  • Strategic allocation and alignment of resources, including the leveraging of internal and external expertise towards direct support for teaching and learning.
  • Employing deliberate and intentional practices utilizing a data-driven system that provides students with tiered instruction
  • Establishing and maintaining a safe, orderly, and respectful school climate or environment that is conducive to learning.

The Michigan School Reform Office (SRO) announced the release of seven schools from priority status statewide, with two schools residing in Wayne County. According to SRO, both schools demonstrated significant and sustained improvement including two cycles ranking above the 15th percentile on the state’s Top-to-Bottom list.

In addition to releasing priority schools from priority status, SRO also identified the schools that ranked within the bottom 5% statewide for the 2015 ranking cycle, which utilized 2014-15 academic assessment data and/or graduation rates. Another list identifying schools that ranked in the bottom 5% statewide for the 2016 ranking cycle is expected to be announced in January 2017.

Districts and schools throughout the nation are engaging in reform efforts by focusing on their internal practices in their quest to positively impact student achievement. Schools that have demonstrated improvement, attribute their success to the process of reflecting on internal practices and procedures and the analysis of data to support and drive their decisions.

Wayne County RESA is committed to providing comprehensive support that addresses school and district practices, systems, and use of resources for sustainable efforts of improvement.