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 This station is setup for clients to quickly access common forms and registration processes provided by Wayne RESA.

Request School Transcripts

Wayne RESA only holds transcripts for Charlotte Forten Academy and Sankore Marine Emersion Academy. All other transcript requests should be made directly to the school district or the authorizing agency for PSAs.

Request Transcripts for Charlotte Forten or Sankore Marine Emersion
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Duplicate Bus Cards

Use these links to request Duplicate Bus Cards. For further assistance, please contact Jennifer Clark at extension 314.

Individual Bus Card
Supervisor Bus Card

Register for Wayne RESA Workshops

Search for current workshops in Wayne RESA´s Professional Development Management System. You may only register online for courses if paying by credit card. Otherwise, please contact Arlene Labadie at extension 508.

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SB-CEU Requests

Use this link to request transcripts for SB-CEUs earned at Wayne RESA. For further assistance, please contact Amy Harper at extension 621.

Request SB-CEU transcript
View Courses with SB-CEU's