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Instructional Technology Team Mission


     To Inspire, Connect, Empower, and Engage All Learners

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Library Services

List of Services


Follett Destiny

  • Serve as project manager for the Wayne County Follett Destiny Library Automation Consortium.
  • Lead all Wayne County media center/library staff in Follett Destiny library training, help and ongoing support.

Wayne RESA Online Professional Development Library Catalog 

Library Media Leaders

  • Promote and improve Library Issues and Information literacy skills for districts.
  • Facilitate meetings to promote information literacy instruction, instructional technology, and curriculum support.
  • Provide resources, strategies, and connections to promote and implement innovative learning opportunities for students.

    All Things Making

  • Share tools, resources, ideas, and research to promote and support innovation and the maker movement.
  • Facilitate Maker workshops and meet-ups.


Video Production Services

List of Services

  • Multicamera video production in our 100-seat auditorium
  • "Green Screen" recording and post production
  • Remote 'on-site' recording
  • Advanced Audio and Video Post Production
  • Transcoding your video to all formats
  • Live Streaming
  • Small studio recording


Video Conferencing Services

List of Services

Videoconferencing uses an Internet Protocol (IP) connection and popular software such as Adobe Connect, Lifesize Cloud, Teamviewer and others. Create two-way audio and video connections between different locations and bring people together without travel costs. Assistance with bridging for multiple connections and specialized equipment to meet your specific needs is readily available.

  •  Meetings
  • Training Sessions
  • Classroom activities
  • Electronic field trips
  • Interviews with out-of-town job candidates


Multimedia Services 

List of Services

Multimedia Services provide for your online, web-based training programs. SCECH-credit training packages and SCORM-reported training experiences for accreditation and credentials can be constructed from concept to completion, all completely in-house. 
Services include: 

  • Scripting
  • Custom graphics and design of your site
  • Programming, video players, testing sequences, etc.
  • Transcoding to all current formats
  • Hosting (nominal fee) 


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

List of Services

This is the place you have been looking for if you like maps...  Big, small, folding, electronic, you name it, we got it!  Maps 2D, 3D, and even 4D.  That's right, we have people pushing the very limits o' mapitude with their capacious brain meats.  (rewrite due this week).
Features Include:

  • Maps 
  • Map-like objects 
  • Things of a Mappish nature 
  • Many arrows pointing to interesting things on maps 
  • Excellent explanatory paragraphs (of features on nifty maps)

Online Interactive Courses

List of Services

Student courses, professional development, training with accreditation, certification, and registration with local, state, and federal entities all begin here.  From design to programming to upload and hosting, our services can provide the online training presence you have been wanting. 

  • Course and User-Interface Design
  • Graphics and Video Production
  • Database Construction
  • Programming, Links Testing, and Reporting Features
  • SCORM Packages, and Hosting


Anupam Chugh

Manager, Instructional Technology

Phone: (734) 334-1500

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Brenda Hose

Support Staff
Phone: (734) 334-1437
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Patricia Johnson

Support Staff
Phone: (734) 334-1595
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Judy Bowling

Consultant, Library / Instructional Technology

Phone: (734) 334-1545

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Jeff Gnagey

Consultant, Television/Multimedia Production
Phone: (734) 334-1561
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William Heldmyer

Consultant, Television/Multimedia Production
Phone: (734) 334-1436
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SteveN Michael

Consultant, Video Conferencing
Phone: (734) 334-1557
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Michelle Wagner

Consultant, Instructional Technology

Phone: (734) 334-1423

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