The finance system provides a self-balancing, double-entry, multi-fund accounting system that is compliant with the 1022 Michigan School Accounting code for K-12 public schools. The software includes multiple modules including ledger, transaction, invoice, requisition, purchase order, accounts receivable and vendor modules. It has 24 fully interactive funds.

Features of the Finance System

  • Accounts payable recording
  • Cash receipts/journal entry recording
  • Encumbrances
  • Budget reporting
  • Customized reporting
  • Auditing tools

Benefits of the Finance System

  • Reports
  • Many standardized reports
  • Data available for report generators
  • Data available to download for spreadsheets and other databases

Software Upgrades and Releases

Below are two links. The first is for Consortium members to implement our software installations. A login id and password are needed to access the software installations. If you need assistance with an id, please call your content consultant at 734-334-1353. The second link is for application software release notes. 

Finance Listserv

RESA Instructional Technology Finance staff send important notices, tips and other communications through the Listserv.

Sign Up

Please sign up for the Listserv by sending an email to:

In the body of the message type:  subscribe finance YourFirstName YourLastName

You will receive an email message back indicating the add was successful. You are now on the list.

Send a Message

To send a message to the Finance Listserv, email:

Jewell Clair
Business Services-Business Analyst
(734) 334-1388
Karen Keliher
Business Services-Business Analyst
(734) 334-1327
Angela Schulz
Business Services-Business Analyst
(734) 334-1434